NEPAUS is a Sydney based company renowned for providing strata cleaning, lawn mowing and gardening services. Its run by a systematic management approach, and has built a reputation for delivering an affordable but quality service to its customer. Although the company has multi sites operating in various areas we still retain the ability to meet the needs of each individual customer.

With a highly experienced team we are able to provide quality services on time. With highly dedicated and experienced team, believing in customer satisfaction through quality services we are able to establish a strong base of satisfied customers.The team of NepAus has a vast experience in various types of cleaning services which include  residential, commercial, office, childcare, medical, super market, hotel, restaurant, strata cleaning and also provides high range of gardening services. Started from the bottom for just the process to transform the hands- on experience of general worker but in time when we got the positive feedback from the customers the team at NepAus worked harder for providing even better service. We are proud to call our self as one of the best service provider for cleaning and gardening services.

It’s all here what we offer:

Cleaning Services
» Residential cleaning                          
» End of lease cleaning                         
» Move in /out cleaning                        
» Spring cleaning                               
» Oven cleaning                              
» Office cleaning                              
» Child care Centre cleaning                    
» Medical centre cleaning                      
» Hotel and restaurant cleaning                  
» Window cleaning, Pressure cleaning    

Our Mowing Service
» Lawn Mowing
» Turf Laying  
» Garden bed preparation and maintenance
» Hedge Trimming  
» Tree plantation
» Weed Control and treatment                                              
» Shrub cutting                                                          
» Pruning
» Irrigation
» Mulching or pebbles fill up on garden bed
» Retaining wall build up